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Is my car supposed to be this slow??!!!

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Hey guys...

Took my car to the track today for the first time after it got fixed. I ran a 16.2 with overdrive on and my friend tried it for me and he got a 16.5 with OD off. Is this a normal time for my car?..(93.5 N/A auto).. My roomate's 96 maxima ran a 15.57 tonight and I don't think I"ll ever hear the end of that unless I can beat his time.. When my friend changed my distributor core and rotor for me this weekend, I think he messed up on the position of the core and messed up the timing.. the car does feel diff.. but still runs smooth(It doesn't seem like I have any low-end, but this is the first time in 3 weeks I drove my car so I can't tell if there is any major differences...).. Also, I got the distributor rotor from autozone becuase my toyota dealer didn't have it in stock.. it does not look like the stock one but it fits and works just fine.. could that be a problem also? Do you guys think that my slow time could be the result of any of this? Any suggestions? I'm thinking about taking my car to Toyota on monday and getting them to set my timing straight and possibly change out the distributor cap/rotor.. what do you guys think?

P.S. Does anybody know what a major tune-up consists of and how much it usually costs? thinking about doing that next week too.. thanks...

P.P.S. I just ordered a HKS air intake kit from MVP.. will it affect my 1/4 time??

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Your times sound correct, N/A autos usually run ~16s.
as for your problems, sorry but i cant help you. but 1 thing's for sure, NA auto supras are supposed to be in the 15s. did you have a full tank of gas/passengers/heavy system/rims etc, basically anything that can slow you down? also, did you shift manually or automatically. for me, when just in D with overdrive, it shifts at way before redline. that might help also. the air intake help off significantly. good luck and keep us updated
Had about half tank of gas, no passenger/system whatsover..... When I raced with overdrive on, my car was shifting right before redline if I remembered correctly.... but like I said.. I think there's something wrong with my car, because before my car broke, when I drive on the highway and turn off the OD.. my rpm will raise by around 3k I believe... and when I tried that today... there was hardly any change in the rpm.....

Pak: are you sure stock n/a auto supras are SUPPOSED to be in the 16's??? :( I could hear people busting my car's chops when my friend tried it out for me on the track... it really sucked....:(

anybody know if there is any minor mods I can do for now to get in the high 14's or low 15's before I save up money for turbos? thanks...

Hey y'all being an NA, we all share your pain buddy.

It does sound like there is someting wrong with your auto NA there because the OD when turns off will suppose to be more responsive (higher RMP).

I think an ECU is a big part you can change out to increase the fuel/air and rev limit too. This would probably help.
first time at the track sucks man...

i ran a 15.5 and i was pissed, it was because my tires were hella bald and the road was cold and damp but it still bothered me... i have an NA 5speed, but i am gettin new tires and i think with better reaction/60ft times i will run high 14's... :D
yeah i think the stock new supras go high 14s/low 15s. i was runnin low 15s and i lost to a new automatic supra. your times are definitly off by alot. were you shifting your car automatically when you ran it?
Hell no, it shouldn't be this slow..... That's what the forums are for!:D You gotta get those gremlins solved first, though.:(
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