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Is my fuel line a bottle neck?

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I am turboing my N/A and will probably be in the 400 range when I am done. Maybe more once I run up the boost.

I ordered a 255ltr/hr Walbro pump (not the high pressure pump). I plan on putting a double banjo fitting at the fuel rail to supply the takeoff for 2 additional 720cc injectors controlled by an AIC, plus the 6 stock 330cc injectors.

My question is, will the combo of -6 stock line and the hard tubing that makes up my stock fuel delivery line be enough, or should I plan on running a braided -8 line?

I would think the stock delivery would suffice, but lemme know if you know otherwise...
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I made 480rwhp on the stock line and it was fine. Just make sure you have a fresh fuel filter on there.
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