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In my opinion....

an NA-T is best for mid 300hp street car. Thats with mild tuning. after that, it starts costing more and more, because shit starts to break and you need to put a lot more time, money, and energy into carefully tuning your 6-cyl timebomb.

the 7mgte could still be a nice mid-300 hp car as well, but is more readily capable of higher horsepower w/o the huge hassle of expensive tuning equipment, mainly because of the oil squirters, lower compression, and Direct ignition.

I wouldn't say that i regret my na-t project at all. I love figuring out problems and trying to make things work. Even sometimes when i need to ask other for help. I especially love tuning and tinkering around with new tuning software.

So.. to answer your question... Is NA-T better than 7MGTE?

You be the judge. its all based on your goals and needs.

A snappy mid-hp engine... NA-T
A decently high hp engine... 7MGTE
A high hp race engine.... we'll see ;) :lol:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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