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justin - i'm going with NA slugs in a GTE block; match that with a CT26 and u get full boost at like 2500rpm or something close to that, i'm going for a very snappy motor, i'm limiting boost to about 15-16psi maybe 18psi since i can add fuel with the MAFt, but i'm hoping for middle/upper 300's when its all done...

before anyone questions my methods please see my mod list here (i copied it from my supra FS thread, so excuse the non-related mods):

- homebuilt 3.5" divorced downpipe (3.5" off of turbine, 1.375" off of WG)
- 3.5" catback (no muffler or cat)
- low mileage CT26 (very very minimal side to side, no in and out play)
- 1JZ IC with 2.5" harpipes from turbo to IC and 3" IC to TB
- tuboXS RFL BOV
- front facing intake w/ 1UZ TB (70mm)
- MAF translator w/ 3" GM MAF (comes with extra MAF)
- flat black sawblades w/ new kumho 711's
- solid motor mounts
- illumina II's w/ intrax springs
- x-drilled slotted rotors
- SS brake lines
- -6AN fuel lines (supply and return, J-tube removed, FPD removed, using stock FPR)
- stock 440cc injectors
- -8AN oil pump modification and pump pressure modification (the one that fluybyux pioneered)
- ARP head studs
- ARP rod bolts
- shot peened/stress relieved rods
- toyota bearings
- new gaskets
- removed EGR
- ported/polished exhaust manifold
- ported/polished CT26 exhaust side
- polished crankshaft
- tanked/rehoned/decked block
- GE pistons (~9.5:1)
- decked head (.017")
- HKS 1.2mm MHG
- new timing belt
- Greddy EGT/boost gauges
- 6 puc clutch disc
- 1JZ pressure plate

i know what i'm doing :)
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