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MnDriver said:
Well im wondering about this because this coming winter i will be doing the project and im just kinda wondering. I know the diffrences but people that have one or the other what do you think? to people that bought a supra7MGTE stock this does not apply only to swaps.

NA-T total amount that you spent roughly?

7MGTE swap total roughly?

Thanx for everyone that isnt a ass and seriously awnsers this post.

O yeah i should post that the HP #s im looking for are about 400 nothing big. But has nothing to do with post.

7mgte's are cheap. around 1200-1600 will get you a low mileage jdm 7mgte motor, R154 tranny, 7mgte ecu, and 7mgte wiring harness.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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