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Is the EGR block off mod necessary?

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What are the benefits vs. risk for this mod. When is it applicable? Is it necessary on BPU cars? Seems like a good mod, should I do it?

Thanks Peeps!
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Still waiting for some help. I hope this isn't a stupid question. If anyone has info please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

Do a search, this has already been discussed a lot. Not trying to be smart, but there is a lot of info. already out there.

Later, Steve
I've heard that's it's almost necessary. Time to start kissing Mohd's ass. :)
I'd like to know also..haven't done it yet...supposed to save the #6 cylinder from there any downsides ?
japanese spec cars do not have it. so there is no engine related problme in getting rid of it. If you live in a state where they smog check you are going to get higher nitrogen oxides and may not pass emmisions. the advantage is that it gets rid of the recycling of hot exhasut gases into cyl 5,6 if it malfunctions which is not uncommon it can fry those cylinders.,
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