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I've checked for boost leaks and cannot find any, however I have not yet tested the IC to see if its leaking. Anyways, my question is; Is it possible if your running TTC to have 1 turbo shit the bed and still be able to boost 14-15 pounds on the other working turbo? My secondary turbo was replaced around 15k miles ago under warranty, the primary is original w/57k. Also when I say boost 15 pounds I mean, it boosts and holds 15 pounds via bleeder T.
Or could my problem be a bad actuator thats not opening all the way?
This problem slowly progressed, when the bleeder T was first done about 8k miles ago it boosted 16-17 pds consistently...slowly it has dropped to 14-15pounds and seems to have stabilized.
Any ideas would be appreciated...myself, Al, and Logan would appreciate the help:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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