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Is this too expensive?

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95' 6 speed TT all STOCK:

97k miles

Original paint, some maintenances done w/ receipts, original motor & tranny w/ replaced parts, stock rims, stock exhaust, the engine is entirely stock, T Top, white on black interior, clear title, no accidents before (according to the carfax and their stories anyway..), all the VIN tags intact.

asking for 34k...too expensive or is it just me? Shouldn't this be something like 29 or 28?
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all depends on overall condition but i personally would do no more than 27 and i think thats pretty fair price for both parties, however if its perfect interior and exterior which im guessing its not, it might fetch more
From the pictures, the interior seems great; seats aren't ripped or wrinkled, steering wheel's stitch looks ok, and the meters all look pretty clear and new. The condition is probably pristine.

Do you really think it's worth 34k? So expensive :(

Can't find the Supra floor mat!!!!
If you dont take it for $34k, I will :)
That price isn't too outrageous, especially if its super clean. But I think more around 30 is better.
i haven't seen the car in person all these words are from observations of pictures the guy took using unknown camera.
2 owners...
That's a lot of mileage for the price.
Too expensive. 29-30k IMO if in really good condition. Maybe if that thing had like 70075k miles...
if it is very good condition i would pay around 31k-32k
yeah, those guys are gay. thanks guys i won't buy from them :)
What about a 94 BPU, 6 speed, with a clean title and 59,000 miles.
22-24k for high miles 95
26-30k for low mile 94
22-24k for high miles 95
26-30k for low mile 94
I agree - some get too proud when selling these cars, but certain features, like an original TT Hardtop car, will be prone to be more up there in price. I'd like to see that car go for $28,000 or somewhere around there, if in *ok* shape.
This is the primary reason why Supras don't get sold in Cali - people jacked up the price way to high...
Then don't buy one in California.
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