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Is tuning BCC really neccecary

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I've installed some parts this weekend, not taken the car out of the garage yet....

Do I have to tune the Greddy BCC to this 4,3V or is it just to plug in there as I've done and enjoy it ?

Before even driving the car I have to say that the Blitz SBC ID and power meter combo looks real cool, ....


Tanabe DP
Greddy BCC
BLITZ Power meter

looking forward to notice the difference from stock power...:D if noticeable.....;)
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Yes, it will hit boost cut unless tuned properly. You can tune by seat of the pants (i.e. boost, hit boost cut, adjust, boost, etc, until you have it adjusted) or tune it on a multimeter. Multimeter is more exact.

Is the adjustment inside the unit?

I will go with the multimeeter then, no problem...

Is it something to adjust inside until I got this 4,3V on the line out of the unit...the white one. right ?
Yes the adjustment screw is inside.
Green BCC wire is the output. White BCC wire is the input. If the unit is still in the car you will need to disconnect those 2 wires. Attach the white wire to a 12v source. Green wire to the positive lead from your digital voltmeter. Negative lead from your meter to ground. The units are usually set too low. Mine was set to 3.89v
Readings should be nearly but not more than 4.3v for 93-95 cars and 4.1v for 96-98 cars.
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