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IS300 TRD supercharger?

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Does anyone have any more info on whether or not there will definitely be a IS300 TRD supercharger produced? I'm guessing it would fit the an NA mkiv if it was? Any details?
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Do u know anywhere i cAn get a ted supercharger for a 2jz n/a?
Old thread bump thats, for sure lol. Yes you can one of my friends in sacremento has done it, to his 98. Looks factory and is clean. He figured it around 350 not sure, if its to the wheels. Hooefully he'll chime in.
At least someone used the search button lol
9 years later lol
LOL. I wonder if the OP is even still alive or still has a supra.
It's not very common to supercharge the 2jz...main reason being it was meant to be turbo'd. LMS made a supercharger kit for the IS300, there are a few guys from My.IS running powerdynes with custom charge pipes, I've only heard of a handful of success stories with supercharging. But as far as cost, it'll run around the same price to just turbo, but yield no where near as good of results...Especially with belts breaking, to me I just don't see why anyone would supercharge their 2jz. It's just not worth it, I guess to be original? Cost of originality sure is high in this case.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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