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he lives in modesto,,,nice guy,,,been trying to sell his car for awhileeeee :D

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hmm. the ad said San Jose.. plus look at below at the email he sent me after i said i was interested... some BS. .. i wonder who will fall for it..


The car is still available for sale and ready to be shipped.
I'm very glad that you like my car and I can only say that you h ave good taste about cars! This car was never crushed, droped or raced,no scathches,no dents and also it has a clear title. I took care of it like it was my own baby .
The car is in Budapest, Hungary and this is the reason thet I sell it because I wasn't able to register the car here because the car is not equiped with EUR 3 so I decided to sell it to someone back in the states.If want to have it registered have to start an individual procedure for the vehicle through the Government, pass several technical tests and make a lot of changes to the car which are expensive they told me.This is why I am selling the car so cheap.
The price for the car is $ 9,000 including shipping to your home address.But for your safety in order to eliminate any concerns I suggest a deposit of $4,500 and only after receiving and inspecting the car you will send me the remaining balance. This plan is a common way of transacting business over the Internet and internationally. Shipping will be done via air feight from Budapest, Hungary and it will take no more then 4 days for the car to arrive at the delivery location.
Also,you have nothing to worry about this deal because will be done it in a secure way. The most important thing in all my activities, is that I am affiliated at Square Trade and I have a Purchase Protection Account for USD $20,000 and I assume you know what this means.If you did not hear about Square Trade here are their terms:
1) If you will not receive the car not as advertised, Square Trade will refund you the whole amount which you paid me(100 %).In case that you will not receive the car,they will refund you the money back from my account.
2) You can send the money to my name and address but you will not provide me the details of the payment.You will provide the details to Square Trade.They will verify the payment and if is ok,and the money are availble under my name they will notify me to procede with the shipping. After you receive and see that the car is the one you want,you just notify Square Trade to forward me the payment details in order for me to pick up my money.
Let me know if this is ok with you,so that we can go forward with this deal!About the payment Square Trade will manage in my place the financial details.
Thank you and have a nice day.Kevin
P.S. If you have the money ready and you want to buy my baby I need your full name and shipping address in order to contact Square Trade to start the deal.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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