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hello. i have a 93 tt that i hardly ever drive anymore. i took it out today and only drove her like 8 miles. i was driving about 80 on my way home and i slowed down and took a turn and it spuddered. all the dash lights came on and i spuddered the quarter mile to my house. now she kills when ever i let my foot off the gas. she will not go anywhere!!!!! i thought it was the vacuum lines but i start the car and it goes to -20'ish hg.

please help. she is my baby and i am sick to my stomach now.
thanks, nikki

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Check the IC piping, if you have a boost leak at all (maybe jarred it loose taking the corner) it would run really shitty like that.

Once you've done that reset your ECU by pulling the EFI Main fuse under the hood to get it out of safe mode.

If that doesn't work out, check your O2 sensors... it's probably something really dumb.

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hi. thanks for the advice.

i don't know when i changed my spark plugs last. maybe three years ago????? i don't drive it too often and i really neglect her.

yes, there is a BOV.

i do know that. but the think i don't understand is why would it just all of a sudden happen? she runs great. i have no problems with her...except i can't keep tires on her and i get my alignment checked every three thousand miles cause it's always off...but that's because of my "lack of driving ability."

she runs when i press the gass but as soon as i take my foot off the gas she kills. i'm thinking plugged fuel filter...i was low on gas but the light was not even on yet.

thanks everybody for your help and suggestions.

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oh, one more thing....i have had lots of vacuum hoses problems through the years, but i have always been able to drive her...just very slow. that is why i don't think it's that....i have felt when i lost vacuum....this felt like that with the lost of power but she always kept running.

thanks a bunch again,
nikki boo
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