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Ok fellas, here it goes. This year will be the year to build my motor and this is what I want done. I'll start from the bottom, up.

Carillo Rods
JUN forged pistons
stage 3 cylinder head and 9000 rpm rev limit on the ecu
272 intake, 272 exhaust HKS cams
hks metal head gasket
100 mm throttle boddy
Suprastore's 102mm intake manifold
125 shot direct port, progressively contolled
custom exhaust manifold cradling two (yes two) t-78's.
second Greddy Type R wastegate

and all the custom fab work I could hope to go broke for

I'm t-78 single now and I'm looking to go back to twin in a big way:) I don't care about the lag, but when I punch it from 70 mph, I want the guy in the car next to me to think the world is coming to an end and I want to feel like I'm having full kidney failure.

I think right around 12,000 for just the parts, labor I'll have to sell the first born for. Top it all off with a Top Secret Gt-300 widebody kit, forest green with a blue "sheen" paint scheme, and HRE 543 19" rims (not sure what offset yet)

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