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Well, let's not jump to conclusions here.
We know the two guys "racing" are being blamed for the loss, however the "Toyota" skidded for 100' before impact, so WTF was the guy in the SUV (Stupid User Vehicle) doing?
My guess is he either saw the two cars racing, and thought "I'm in the right, so I'm going to pull out and those jackasses can just slow down!" Or he did not see the cars coming at all because he failed to look.
Either way, he must have pulled out infront of the oncoming traffic. I don't care if they were speeding, racing or dancing a jig, you can not just pull out onto a street with traffic on it. Even speeding traffic.
My other thought is what was the Stupid User Vehicle driver doing while the "Toyota" was skidding? Did he make any attempt to avoid the existing traffic, or did he just stop in the middle of the road and wait to be hit?
We need more information, and I'm sick of speed being blamed as the cause of every loss on the road.
Drivers not paying attention, or doing something stupid is the cause of losses. NOT SPEED, or racing.
It was stupid to race on a city street.
It was not smart to go as fast as they were going. (100' skids, if from all 4 tires, on asphalt would be 90mph + not including the impact speed.)
IT was totally stupid for the SUV driver to have pulled out onto an occupied street. (even if he had a green light, you still have to make sure it's safe to proceed.)
It was stupid of the SUV driver to not have tried to avoid the impact as well. (I don't doubt he did not even see the other traffic prior to impact.) Wonder if he was adjusting the radio, speaking on his phone or sipping a cup of Java? Most likely anything but driving.
Later :)
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