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Hi Guys,

I need some help with my car running rich with 550cc injectors. And I really hope their are some guys here with Jap Spec MKIV"s if so that'll be great please e-mail me on ([email protected]) I have lot's of info to share with you guys.

Ok back to my problem, all you guys know that the Jap Spec TT's come with sucky 430cc Injectors. And I am guessing these are not good for any boost levels upwards of 19-20 psi. Plus I have upgraded US Speck Turbo's which pump in about 15% more air and I also switched to the US Spec inlet cam and the 550cc US Spec Injectors. But ever since I installed the Injectors my car is running abour 15%-20% rich. And I am thinking of getting an Apexi AFC to control the fuel mixture.

But my question is, how effective will the Apexi AFC be with Map sensor Jap Spec Supra's. I know you US Spec guys are having success with MAF sensors and controling fuel mixtures with AFC's. But does anyone know if it'll work well with my car. Also if you guys know of any other methods that I can use my car without the 550cc's flooding my system let me know.

I am sure there must be a few devices to help me run a nice clean mixture with my 550cc injectors.


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I have upgraded my 440cc injectors to the US spec 550s aswell as the inlet cam. (Turbos are still Jap spec). The SAFC (blue screen) worked marvelously to tune the car to mixtures in the 12 to 12.5 area (richer at the top for safety) and that was at ~ 17% adjustment. The sensor output/input was 3 and 3 in the setup screen.
The unit is great. What you will find however is that the car will still run rich on cold startup because the mixtures are controlled by the ECU not the SAFC. At closed loop my mixtures are perfect 14.7 as the ECU - O2 sensors are controlling them.
Hope this helps
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