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Hello, here to give a walk through to all that may be interested in the JDL rear bumper but do not want the over fenders molded or even fitted to the car (very small change) and do not want the rear bumper molded or screwed into the body causing future damage. I manipulated the wide body fitment to sit flush to the OEM body panels and simply be taped into place, here is my guide on how i did it.

In this first image you can see the 1 inch gap from the body ( where it was intended to be wide body). the drawing of the screws was for reference in case i wanted to decide that. But i decided against screws or molding and just wanted it to be taped to the car.

it was orignally believed the angle on the sides of the rear were causing the issue but it was simply the fitment.

instead of having this gap we stretched it along the body so it would sit flush to the body.

so i do not have a picture of the issue stretching created but i drew this for reference. Once the panel was stretched there was about a 3 in gap of extra material on the inner wheel side, shortening this length was tedious but it is do-able. the biggest concern was the strength it would have after it was molded.

the extra length of the inner wheel side was cut off then the approximate length was cut off and the edge was reshaped. I made sure to measure each side seperately because the opposite side had only 1 inch of a gap but the same process was done. after it was cut and both fresh ends were trimmed and clean i put the curved (face) of the rear back onto the main body and used super glue and tape to get it held into place.

after it was in place with glue i used a Dremel and a hand saw and cut slits into the corner of the seams. I used thin but sturdy steel wire, bent it into the desired "L" shape needed to fit each slit and forced it into place with a touch of glue to ensure it wasn't going to fall out. this would ensure once the pieces were bonded the steel wire at the corner would ensure the wind forcer wouldn't seperate the pieces.

I layed 2 layers of fiberglass mat and generously used the resin. and just a touch of resin on the outside corners and sanded the edge to become an even surface.

the body shop may have a little bit more sanding to do but all together its a very tight fit. the corners hug the body so well it help in place without clamps.


a perfect fit and no molding or screws will be necessary to hold this rear bumper add-on into place. very pleased with this, the body shop was in a rush so all of this was done in 1 day. now converted to a standard body fitment, hope this help someone who likes the kit but didnt want to permanently damage the cars body, cheers.



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