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jdm 2jzgte

It has been running in my car so it is functioning.
1, cold start-warm weather it's hardly noticed after a warm up.
2, twins in True twin
3, it has recently started a small oil leak-I have not tracked this down yet.
Needs new valve seals-puff of oil on start-up

Almost new
water pump
cam cover gaskets
PS pump
Recent turbo change out-used jdm
Front sump oil pan
This list goes on!

This is a running engine still in my car-Out of car as of 5\18\2009
The engine compression was around 180 in all cyl's per my mechanic when purchased.
I'll pull as much of the wiring harness as I have left in my car.
The ignitor and ECU go with the engine.
A new turbo seal set, spark plugs and jdm 2jzgte engine paper work (downloaded info on engine/mechanicals)
this is a much safer bet than an unknown engine!!

JDM 2jzgte engine with ignitor/pcm and harness 2000$

R154 tranny SOLD

C's R154 shifter -SOLD

AEM Tru Boost SOLD


Used 1jzgte bell housing SOLD

Used 1jzgte fly wheel SOLD

ACT HD pressure plate SOLD

Thanks for looking
Brian G
Portland OR location- new location Vancouver WA
[email protected]

No international shipping unless you handle it!
I am willing to pallet/drop any parts off at a shipping hub near 98660 area code.

shipping fee's apply to all.
Pay pal+ fee's or cash only please.

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Maybe start an art museum? :angel:

No's the LS project coming Brian?
I like's me sum expensitive 600 lb engine arts work!
I lowered my asking price, but keep getting really low offers-so it can stay nice and comfey in the garage.....: (

Hey Mark, The Ls transplant has been on hold for many reasons, not least of which is my lazy-assed-itus....getting married, moving, a new job, not working much (no money)....the fun continues!
I'm hoping to jump into it in the very near future, I've got about 5 sets of stock exhaust manifolds for fit check-hoping the corvette (really close to long tube headers in power output) headers fit.
I've got my plasma cutter ready to squeeze the engine as far back as possible!
Cannot wait to take about 150lbs off the nose and enjoy 300rw ft lbs at 2000 rpm...
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