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A friend of mine is looking to get rid of his jeep. He's got a kid on the way (and just found out this week!). It's got super low milage because he only drives it around on base and it's never been off roading because he hasn't had the time (but he had time to make a kid lol).

2006 Jeep Wrangler "X" Grey w/ Black cloth interior
1300 Miles
DELTA Headlights
DELTA Fog Lights
Kentrol Mesh Light Covers
Warn Front Bumper
Warn Rear Bumper
Warn Swing-out Tire Carrier
2" Suspension Lift
BF Goodwrench 32 x 11.5 Tires (5) includes spare
Cragar Rims (black)
EGR 6inch extended trail flares (made from OEM Material)
Mirror Movers (2 sets) Warrior Products and a set of 02 OEM Mirrors

Asking to Take over the loan. 10 day pay-off 19,233.35

Rich Welch
[email protected]

EDIT: Pics will get posted tonight.
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