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This car is killin me , i have the below mods with dual IC's and thought this might help smooth out the acceleration but it has gotten worse,, its just real jerky,,on off throttle it is almost embarrasing ,,,and yes i know how to drive but if i am just crusin thru town its really jerky ,,unpredictable on off the throttle,, i have gotta do something to smooth the power curve on this car. if you put your foot in it, pretty hard she runs pretty good but still kinda like its missing ,,rough acceleration NOT smooth please advise,, could it be my timing, or the lex afm screw isnt correct, b/c i took the screw that came with the afm,,tapped the end of it and threaded a screw with two nylon bushings on it making it 1" longer,, any sugg


Dual iC, man your problem is probably right there. You are running two intercoolers, if you got a stock CT, probably don't have the cfm to filled both iC before hitting the throttle body. Boost spike my friend.

Sean M
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