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Hi All

I've just done a short trip in the car, and something is definitely wrong. The whole thing started out with my AFR sensor being stuck at 14.7-14.7 when cold, and showing 15’s when cruising, conclusion was that the sensor is dead, and I’ve ordered up a new one (not here yet).
I can feel that something is not running correctly in idle. I can feel the entire car rocking a tiny bit as if the engine is running uneven, and the sound of it is not quite right, without being able to put a finger on what it is (maybe misfire). The car is juddering a bit when cruising with just a bit of throttle, but when applying a tad more, it seems to be normal. However, on full throttle if really behaves odd. It makes boost correctly but there’s no pulling power at all and the juddering is more apparent (only tried 2 runs, just touching full boost and then letting off).
Checked the coilpack clips, changes one that looked worn, but still the same.

Any suggestions?

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