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Just a brainstorm, twincharge

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I was just thinking about how from what ive heard single turbo supras are slow off the line dealing with all that turbo lag.
Of coarse this idea is just for kicks, i just thought i would bring it up to see what people thought.

If someone who had a Single turbo mkiv, and had lots of lag, somehow they managed to fabricate a Supercharger(mabey on the other side) setup. So you have a turbo and a supercharger.
The supercharger handles boosting chores at first, since it is belt driven, there is very little lag, and almost instantanious boost. Then, while the SC is doing the boosting, the large turbo has a chance to spool up. Once it is spooled up, there is a bypass(activated by computer) in the SC, which alows the turbo to take over full duty. The turbo of coarse would be a money maker, as it would be making the big boost, doesnt have parisitic drag, and is easier to make big power numbers. The SC would just be a modest amount of boost for the time it takes to spool up the turbo.
This isnt an original idea of coarse. Mr2 supercharged had this available through HKS years ago.
At the bottom of this page are 4 twincharged mr2 setups.
here is the most famous:

I have an mr2SC, and alot of guys with them are always saying how they are going to get this setup:rolleyes:, which is usually bull since the kit is now impossible to find, and would require alot of know how to do it yourself.
The differnce on the supra, is that it is turbo, not SC. So you wouldnt be adding a turbo, you would be adding a SC, which of coarse noone makes a setup for a supra, that would make little sence. But you would also have to have a computer, which would sense when the turbo was fully spooled, than activated the bypass to do away with the SC for the moment.

I just thought it was an interesting idea, and you guys might want to talk about it.
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The twincharger setup for the MR2 was discontinued. However an integra recently surfaced with this setup. Pretty neat.. but stick with turbo.

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