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Just bought a NOS Kit

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I just purchased a used NOS kit in perfect condition. It is a single fogger wet kit. The kit came with the purge thingy, bottle heater, an extra bottle, a 90 degree angled jet and a whole bunch of steel braided lines. I got the kit for 250. I am pondering putting this on my car after I put all my BPU parts on. This kit came with a couple of different pills as well. It was on a honda, and I had originally bought it for my cousins Si. But know I am thinking of putting it on my car. What would I need to change out to make it fit on my car? Is there any way I can route it so that when I purge it it'll spray the intercooler? Any input would be cool.
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Purge on to the intercooler. hmmmm.. it coudl be done but there are a couple of problems to that. 1, it will purge right threw to your tire as well. 2, it will be a long and tidious routing job but can be done, 3. you wont know when your system is truly purged. You will just have to hold it down for a while and hope its purged. Good luck. Maybe Ill try it this week and see how it goes.

What would be the safe RPM's and/or speed to spray at. Should I start with a 50 shot pill then go up to 75 or just start with a 75.
You can and should route it to purge all over the intercooler. It's safe to say that system is purged properly as soon as you see solid white "smoke" coming up from the IC area. I guess a generic SS braided line from the purge valve to the IC, and a custom bracket to hold it in place angled at the IC are all you need. NOS over aluminum IC will help lower your intake charge temp some 20-30F. Stick with 50-shot until you are sure all is workign right.

You got a good deal there, thank your cuz.

As far as routing goes I woudl sta away from teh braided line just because it is way more expensive and doesnt hold up as well as compared to brake line. You an pick up huge lengths of metal brake line (which conincidentally is the same line the NX kit comes with, only I have no idea what they expect you to do with only 8 inches of it) Then just carefully bend it and route it to your IC. You wont need a bracket or anything either with it since it is so stiff and failry unlikely to move. I currently have my set up routed threw the firewall and then up and and out in frotn of the center of windshield. Wish I would have thought about spraying it on to the IC. I like that idea.

Hell be on the safe side of nos and dont use it at all in the engine, just spray it on your IC the whole time you make your run. LOL Good luck with it all.

By the way the brake line is about $3.50 for 6 feet. Almost any major parts store will have it and the fittings will screw directly into your purge selenoid!

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thanks for the info guys!:) Should I purchase a MSD window and only spray in bt. certain RPM's?
hard to say

Sure it is nice to have but a 50 shot is so small that as long as you are reasonable with it you should be able to run it through th ewhoel rpm range saely and get the best results. Sure it spools your turbos faster but even without NOS im sure you are having traction problems, so spool with nos adn now you have traction problems even worse. I wired mine off a switch that allows me to either use the WOT switch or a momentary button on my gear shifter (automatic) I only use the button. You can also look into the hobbs pressure switch as well. IT shuts down the nos at a certain boost level. Kewler then the window switch I think.

Thanks for takin the time to explain all this to me, cause I am really clueless about nitrous and in no way am I going to put it on until I feel comfortable with knowing about how it works and its side effects. I think the momentary button sounds like what I want. When I spray the 50 shot, will I still be able to boost 18 psi? Or would I have to lower the boost when sprayin?
less boost

IT varies greatly on your setup but it can jump your boost by as much as 6 psi. When I tune with nos I turn the boost to stock levels and take it from there. IT will boost it very fast. IF you have a boost controller turn it off. Also if you can I HIGHLY recommend tuning on a dyno so as not to blow anything up. Keep a close eye on the A/F ratios while your doing it and shut it down quick if you start to lean out. IF you go rich no biggy there.

Good luck.
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