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I swaped an Aristo 2jzgte and purchased these parts...
You have an auto trans,and depends if your motor is from Aristo or Supra;)


-7m oil pressure valve (for the gauge cluster)

-1jz bellhousing
-1jz oil filter bracket (for the block)
-1jz engine mount brackets

-2jz throttle cable
-2jz PS reservoir
-2jz upper & lower front sump oil pan with buffle
-2jz front pump oil strainer
-2jz oil strainer plug & gasket
-2jz oil dip stick and tube
-2jz coolant and radiator hoses
-2jz front & rear crank seals
-2jz vacuum,pvc,intake hoses
-2jz thermostat
-2jz mechanical water pump
-2jz radiator fun,coupling and pulley
-2jz timing belt and accessories drive belt
-2jz cam gears seals
-2jz flywheel bolts

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So get this I sold the 2jzgte now I have a lexus gs300 that's runs great so I'm going to pull the motor and trans and turbo the ge 2j I'm only looking for about 500 hp and I think the n/a can do the job and I didn't have an extra ten grand for gte parts so I have a w58 trans can I use that on the 2j till I get everything for the 6 speed.
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