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Just joined - 1st Supra

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So... I got my 1st supra last week. 87 Turbo 5speed, with NA tranny. Which makes me cry. It ran perfectly, boosted fantastically. I gave it an oil change... ( by the book even. Even put a LITTLE bit extra in it. As I know that 7m's HATE low oil. But nevertheless... ** drumroll ** It now has the dreaded rod knock.

I have a feeling that this is going to turn into an obsession much like my thing about not having any pistons in my daily driver..

Hmm.... Anyways. Like I said. This is my 1st Supra - and I hope I stick with it until I can see why people love them soo much.
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Its a good car you just have to make smart choices or you will lose out.... GO BIG OR GO HOME
You're going to love the torque power.

Let the indulgence commence.
Welcome aboard, good luck with the car
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