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Just making sure i did it correcly. (Teins)

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I really , really , really dont wanna loose a damper on the ground or anything while driving so im wondering, is there a English installation manual for Tein's HA coilovers with topmounts ?

if you know please point me in its direction.
Sincerly Anders
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I doubt there is an English version available. The japanese insturctions have pretty good illustrations that should help you out quite a bit.

Just follow the illustration exactly and you should not have any problems. There are two illustrations. One with pillow ball mounts and the other without. Be sure to follow the illustrations for your set up.

I am using the stock upper mounts in my car.

i did follow them and im not sure if i should attach the last locknut ontop after the bolt(nut) that holds down the pillow mount.
if i attach that last silvery locking nut it wont go all way down to start locking.

any ideas?

i do not like when i get parts over :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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