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bahraini_zupra said:
NICEEE why many mk3 owners they take out the mid bulb for the mid turn signal ? dose it looks cool ?
Umm the middle ones are turn signals............


Nice pics... Who's white mk3 is that? Looks sweet.


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Great Pics SuprA70! Those shiny JDM tails look great on his car. I just got mine installed about 2 weeks ago and love them on the black. Makes the car gothic. The contrast of them on the white looks sick too. I wanted the EXACT setup he's got with the Volks and Bomex kit with whaletail except black but I like to be original so I got to think of some other wheels atleast. Tell Ronnie it looks great. He could win some shows with that. BTW, your car and the other car looks great too!

1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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