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W'sup everyone,
I've been on supraforums since my first car (2010ish), but this will be my first time posting. Hopefully i don't get trolled on.馃槕
Ive done a Aristo 2jzgte vvt-I swap on my ma70 chassis Listed below are the details. Hopefully yall can helpme out.
-Door jam badge 11/88
-title 1989 N/A 5spd
  • grey connectors but they are same type as the yellow connectors (shape) that come in 86.5-88 modles.
  • Aristo jzs161
  • R154 5spd
-single turbo (BORGWARNER) S366
-stock fuel pump
-stock 2jzgte minus the single turbo
-stock ecu
-deleted auto tranny harness
-open down pipe o2 sensor just riged on with clamps for testing
This is Not my first swap in a supra. Its actually my 4th mk3. & i've help some locals in LB complete theirs. My issue is when i start the engine it hunts from 1k-2500 but when i unplug the grey etcs-I connector it will idle fine. I am getting12+v to +bm on f60 pin 7 (etcs-i connector) obviously throttle doesn't work with this unplugged. Ive search evey forum &Googled it all with hundreds of diff key words for a month now. I went over troubleshooting with 2jzgarage.c
om etcs-i guide. My diagnosis is its a bad etcs-I but would like input from yall b4 i spend $
on a standalone. Also im 1000% sure my wiring is correct. I used willbo666 guide to help me do it. I used ma70 diagrams & a volt meter to double check for power wires. Thanks in advance.

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  1. No. My conclusion was a bad etcs-i didnt want to pay 250 for another used one so I gave up & just went DM dbw delete & standalone.
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