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1994 Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE Japan Import
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Current Photos:
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Sky

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Sky

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

Original Information on the car:
1994 JZA80 Chassis #0016499
2JZ-GTE, V160 6spd
Original Color: 199 (Alpine Silver)
Imported from Japan - Original owner had some work done to it including the single turbo conversion (STF Garage, Kurihara, Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Veilside side skirts, molded ridox widebody rear, and TS Style front bumper. Came with a SARD fuel rail on the stock manifold, 850cc injectors and Link G4+

On initial 91octane hub dyno, it put out around 420-420whp

Original Photos:
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Sky

I unfortunately haven't been doing a good job at completely documenting the work done to it so far. I ended up wanting to wrap the car and throw on some Advan TC-4s that I paid to have chrome plated (Since they didn't make these) - Ended up paying a professional to wrap in my garage while the car was being modified.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood
Car Vehicle Wheel Automotive tire Hood

Tire Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Wheel
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

Ended up doing quite a few mods to get the close closer to the 800whp mark - Before the headwork, made 746whp on the small 62mm (and small housing) turbo and hit the turbo limit at 30psi

Current list of mods: (in no particular sorting order) As of March 14, 2023
  • Borg Warner S362SXE w/ .81 AR Housing
  • TiAL 44mm Wastegate and TiAL BOV
  • Greddy FMIC
  • Minor headwork done by a reputable machine shop
  • Brian Crower HD Single Valve Springs w/ Titanium retainers
  • 264 BC Cams
  • BC Valve guides
  • MCCloud RXT Twin Clutch
  • Tilton Hydraulic Throwout Bearing
  • Mishimoto Radiator
  • ATI Super Damper
  • Freed Engineering Air / Oil Seperator
  • Cheap Deepmotor Intake Manifold
  • Dual 450 walboro fuel pumps on a Radium triple hanger
  • Radium full fuel delivery system, lines, regulator and flex fuel sensor to run full e-85
  • Injector Dynamics ID1700cc
  • Cube Speed Shifter and Tripod mount bushing kit
  • PHR Power steering reservoir
  • Brembo Big brake kit
  • Kakimoto Exhaust system
  • Final Konnextion Limited II JDM Adjustable coilovers
  • Dual Recaro SR-7 ASM IS-11 (Yokohama Edition)
  • BTI Dash Display
  • Carbon Fiber Dash kit
  • Momo Wheel
  • Stu Hagen Gauge Cluster
  • NRG Quick Release Wheel Kit
  • Turboloaded Performance 3D Printed Steering Column
  • NRG Weighted Carbon Shift knob


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1994 Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE Japan Import
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Two days ago my brand new OEM Toyota Belt completely snapped on me, we check to make sure no damage was done to the head. Could not come to the conclusion as to why but we went back to the OEM pulley (Had a Driftmotion Billet pulley) With the tensioner it seemed to be putting too much tension on the belt and likely stress snapped it.

Hood Vehicle Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

Tire Wheel Hand Automotive lighting Automotive tire

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how you liking the NRG hand brake handle? my momo hand brake chrome is peeling and not a nice feel/look to it. and yes, thats the only thing i can relate to with your beautiful build... haha

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