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kenwood 910-dvd and some kappa speakers

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what speakers would ya recommend?

what speakers !?!?

I lookin to get a new system in my ride(stock tape deck now), so i went to a well know local custom stereo shop. Im pretty set on gettin the kenwood 910-dvd....but as for the speakers im not quite sure yet.

Dont know what size or type to get...this is where i need the help

Ive heard you can do some simple mods and fit in 6 1/2 in the front and back. So, from the stereo shop, i was recommended infinity kappas(components up front, coaxil in back...i think 60.3cs and the 63.3i)

im not lookin for anything else right now....not even an amp to power those speakers. definate future upgrade though. but for right now i was told, once again by the stereo dude, that the 910-dvd has a seperate module(almost amp like) and does a great job with providing adequate power. he recommends that i get a custom sub setup and the 4channel amp as my next upgrade, and im fine with that.

so....after all that said...anyone see any issues i might have while gettin this installed(as i have found some good deals on ebay)? and what have you heard/experienced with the kappas? is the supertweeter worth the extra $$? does anyone know if that kenwood dvd thingy plays vcd that are on cdr?

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
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I have the Kappas in my girlfriends car, they are amazing without an amp. I went for the supertweeter, it sounds great. I also purchased it all off of ebay. Good luck!
ive got alpine stuff in my car right now. it is the best, they have the flagship 3-way component set and it is amazing. i love alpine stuff, especially the type-r subs.
as far as DVD set....what do you suggest. Kenwood has the really expensive one, panasonic makes one for 2k and pioneer makes one for 2k im leaning towars the pioneer. What do you guys think. Also, any others that are hi quality? how bout the alpine one?
i found a pioneer AVX-P7300DVD with an AVX-9000P for under 2k. thats 5.1 digital sound for under 2k
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