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what do you guys think of the KENWOOD kvt 910 or something like that (the top of the line one) compared to the Clarion DRX9675z?

positives and negatives comparison? clarion seems a lot cheaper but im not sure if it has the same features/functions and the quality of it....

any feedback would be greatly appreciated. seems like clarion is the cheapest unit for the TV screen built in/cd/tv tuner?
any other model good for this? also something able to put a PS2 as well for dvd :)

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The KVT 910 already has a dvd player in the unit itself, so if you're planning on hooking up a PS2 or some other external DVD source why buy this model? A better choice for you is the P907 which has simply the CD player, TV, and radio tuner. I own this unit, and I may sell it to upgrade to the 910 because I want the indash DVD, I can speak from first hand experience it is awesome!! This would save U some money, plus I think its easier to use and looks better than the clarion.
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