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Kicker CVR

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Does anyone know anything about these subs or has any expereince with these? Yes I know I know, there are models out there far better, but with a budget are these nice? I know they aren't oriented toward SQ, more so spl. But I have a fiberglass enclosure being completed tomorrow, it's sealed and is basically taking the enire spare tire well and alittle more around the hatch area and is about almost as high as the trunk, airspace I can only guess is more than 1 cubic foot to 2 cubic feet. Subs being put in is two 10 inch kicker cvr's powered by a gravity 7500 1400watt 2 channel amp that will be bridged. Will this sound decent for the price? I still want sound quality so thats why I asked for sealed versus ported, but I still wanted it to be powerful.

Does anyone know what else could be nice future replacement for these subwoofers later on?

I will get pictures soon enough, but the guys are finishing it a day later than expected. My hatch will be fiberglass with pearl white paint same as my car and will have the amps mounted onto it. Should look very clean, and the sides of the trunk will have hinged sides that can store bateries, tools, and etc. And will have black carpet all along the sides. The set up will not block any future strut bar uprades either.
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hmm...whats your price range?
Well I already bought the subwoofers, about 260 for both which seems about right from a real dealer. But once I bring people in I get upgraded for free. If not then I plan to switch these out in a few months, so price range probably 500-600, would that get me a nicer sub? I like spql. I'm in the middle in terms of what I want. I'll get the sound quality I want from my comp's but I still want a sub that will sound very nice and I dislike a POS's that just rattles my car for nothing. No one I've met so far has heard anything foreign or from small companies like TC audio. So yeah, it doesn't take much to excite me but I know when speakers suck and distort.

Do you think Kicker is a decent brand? Especially for the money there worth?
Kicker is a decent brand...I think you'll be happy with them
I think I will be! I can't wait =] What subs did you run in your old Supra minquez? Where they xtant's? You had like 4 of them right? Could you tell me your old specs? And why you chose the parts you put in?
I think I will be! I can't wait =] What subs did you run in your old Supra minquez? Where they xtant's? You had like 4 of them right? Could you tell me your old specs? And why you chose the parts you put in?
I dont have my supra any more :(

but I had an xtant x604 for my seperate and x1001 running 4 of xtanxt's x1-10's

When i bought them, Xtant was at the top of their game. The subs i could have chosen better, but they were "good" subs and chose them on aesthetics. Up front I had Focal's original Utopia's and head unit i changed through a few times
Haha it's okay I know you don't. Damn 4 10's, where they sealed? What did you tune them at, I have mine at 50hz sounds pretty nice and deep. Yeah same here the subs I got are good, could of gotten better but I chose them on budget hahaha. Focals god I want to buy some! Are they really nice?

Also what do you run your eq settings at? I had mine so messed up when I didn't have subs to compensate for sounds, but with these subs I had to rerun it to almost neutral with a little emphases on high's but I lowered the mids and lows because it was too much haha.

One thing I miss though was without the subs, the way I had my system tuned the speakers played great, they covered the range and sounded deep and warm, I had them at 80hz but now with these subs and the amp powering them I had them switched from mid pass to high pass and I miss there tones. Especially in music where in the beginning there is no bass just vocals, it sounds harsh do you know what I mean?

I'm going to take pics soon but it came out great, I still have to come back one more time so they can finish up the fiberglass it still needs a little more work, and they need to clear coat it as right now it's a bit dull looking but theres a lot of pearl in it. The amp also vibrates, piece of shit vibrates, so I'm switching it out to something else maybe zapco amp. License plate also vibrates a bit so I'm gonig to reseal it again, and the box will also get tightened and the back will get resealed and built.

Only thing I'm concerned with is that the cap and lights, I have 3 neons that glue bright and can be seen from the back and the sides pretty well at night. Even bothers me as there too bright, I'm going to have a switch made soon for them. But I'm wondering can I get a ticket for them at night? You can't see the bulbs and etc just the glow coming from the hatch, will I have any problems? Shop says no I should not, but I'm not sure.
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^ whoa thats a lot to answer....Yes the focals are that nice :) my eq settings always changed, I dont recall what my box was tuned at...audibly, it was just ok....depending on the color of your neons, yes you can get a ticket becuase it imapairs your vision. If you can go cold cathode (CCFL) they typically work better than neon...Zapco is great

did i get it all?
lol no you didn't =]

Yeah there cathodes actually not neons my bad, I should have a switch soon. They are the color of blue, there just glowing so brightly that there viewable, but not too bad it doesn't make my back glass all blue. There just glowing and you can see them on the bottom.

Your EQ always changes? So I guess now and then you prefer the highs to be high and the lows to be flat and then change it around now and then? Do you have a seperate EQ or do you run this all from your head unit? Hmm right now I feel that my system somewhat lacks the mids a bit. It's just nice thumping clean sounding lows, highs are a bit much but just right, but the mids are unexciting.

How should I tune my pioneer deck? Do you have any examples I can play around with? I know that settings are all by preference but I'd like to hear what others have theres at.

Also should I turn off the loudness feature? It can go from low, med, and high. It just increases volume. Also theres a feature called cd volume gain I have it at 3 should that be off? And the filter for the sub is at 50 I think thats reasonable. I don't know it's just something is bugging me and I can't pin point it!
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^ loudness should always be off. I used the EQ in my Kenwood excelon and it changed if i wanted to change it on the fly. There arent really any tips to tuning other than listening to it. Everyone likes something different. The best EQ i've seen is Rockford 360 that lets you use a PDA via bluetooth and gives you a 32 band EQ per channel...but for me is a little over kill
Hmmm okay so now with playing some songs need higher settings off of the high's but some songs it's way too harsh this is an annoyance!

Well today got to busy, but I will take pics and have them up very soon.

Oh and the installers tried to eliminate the static, still hasn't gone away so I guess the ground in my car just sucks, should I get the little plug thing that connects to the deck to eliminate static?
static? you should get any static unless you are listening to a bad fm station
It's the ground on my car, it's mostly clear but now and then static, but yeah it's during CD not FM.
dumb question, did you take out the stock amp?????? or did you just use that harness???

if you didnt take it out, maybe that could cause static??
I have an NA, did those come with amps? Anyway when I received my Supra there apprently was a system in before mine although older. The guy was using I think higher gauge wiring monster cable and left it behind. There was no amp under the seats although there were wires and etc. But nothing, no amp. And the harness not entirely sure I can find out though but I think it's aftermarket.

I'm going to be bringing my car back following weekend to have my box finished, along with the installers to check up on the static, and flaws I've experienced. Also going to swap my Gravity amp, that POS vibrates, metal makes noise. Even the inside parts make noise.

Anyone know a great amp that does not rattle and etc at all? I have my amp on the box so it has to survive vibrations.
Okay guys I got the pics, 4 of them the owner of the shop sent me. Could you all tell me please how to post them up here?
Okay guys I got the pics, 4 of them the owner of the shop sent me. Could you all tell me please how to post them up here? is the easiest....if you wanna mail them to me i can post them for you

[email protected]
^ Thanks man! Anyway anyone in my area need anything stereo stuff done, these guys will treat you well. Thanks MinquezCD!
^ Thanks man! Anyway anyone in my area need anything stereo stuff done, these guys will treat you well. Thanks MinquezCD!
anytime - looks good
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