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(No ricers were hurt in the making of this story)

This "fictional" story is set on the day after Thanksgiving, but I haven't taken the time to post it up.

I got up early to go to Best Buy, then met up with some friends a "The Original Pancakes House." :yum:

One of my buddies wanted to come over and check out NFS Underground. (Pretty fun.) After screwing around with the game for a while we decided to head out for a movie. I followed him down in his rental Sentra (he has a Boxster and is doing a 3.4L 996 motor swap) which he drives like a complete moron. But this is mainly my fault since I taught him about the E-brake at 80mph on the freeway the day he got the car. I also taught him again in the parkinglot several times when he wasn't expecting it.

So as I follow him down the hill (in my beater ES300) and he proceeds to brake check me repeatedly including locking-up and smoking the rears with the e-brake. We end up in the left hand turn lane waiting for the arrow to go across a long bridge to the fwy. onramp.

As we're waiting for the arrow, if happen to glance in my rear view and notice a red Civic with a CF hood and black wheels. Not thinking much, the light turns my buddy goes in the Sentra going to the outside lane, and I punch it turning into the inside lane lighting up the skinny 205's through the whole turn. I continue to slowly reel him in with all 182hp and pass him at a bout 55 keeping in it.

As I look in my rear view mirror I see Civic door to door with his Sentra. I keep in the throttle and then position myself riding the center of the 2 lanes to make the nice sweeping right hander onto the onramp. I tap the brakes and set myself into the turn and thenacellerate though it squealing, but not sliding around it at 60ish.

After I've completed the turn, I look in my rear view to see the Civic's nose coming through the turn. Then much to my amazement I see smoke coming off the rear tires or the Civic and then his tailights as he ended up backwards on the dirt shoulder.

Luckily he didn't hit anything and as I saw him come to a stop, I started laughing uncontrollably. After I'd merged onto the fwy. I picked up my cellphone and called my buddy. As soon as he answered, not a word was said, we just laughed histerically for at least 30 seconds.

When my buddy passed the guy he put up his arms and yelled "Yeah!!!". The Civic driver sitting dazed and backwards on the shoulder reutrned the gesture with an arm raise and a "Yeah!!!"

If this really happened, it wouldn't be something I'd be proud of, but it sure would be funny.
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