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Youtube HQ available here:

Full Quality Download available here: (Save Target As, 700 MB)

From the YouTube description:
Click the HQ button to enjoy this video in higher quality.

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Pro Rally Driver Kyle Sarasin (X-Games competitor; races in Rally America against Ken Block and Travis Pastrana) decided to visit some friends in Alachua County during the off season. (Watch out for Traffic Cops here, Kyle!)

After Ken Block's first spectacular "Gymkhana Practice" tire-hazed its way to Internet popularity, Kyle teamed up with POR Films and the Guerilla Filmmakers at IMV to produce a ridiculous SPOOF of the original. Make no mistake, this video is sarcastic, rather than serious... all in good humor.

85% of filming took place from November to December 2008. One final stunt scene was shot during June of 2009. The TOTAL, all-inclusive budget (including vehicle + equipment) was 1/10th the cost of a single "Gymkhana Racing Engine."

See for yourself what makes (or doesn't make) this video, Kyle Sarasin "Gymkhana" Practice - IMV Films Edition.

Great success @ NASIOC for generous & timeless support of such Gymkhana videos via forum ROFLCOPTER.

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Damn my car sounds good in the RSP ad... :D

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Very funny video good job
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