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The parts I have are listed at the bottom... the problem I have is that I get to about 5,500 revs and the power starts to tail off and struggles to change into 3rd / 4rd (auto) at WOT as it cant get to 6300 fast enough.... also I can only acheive 160Mph, whereas before my frontmound and stuff I was off the clock.. I am running 1.2 on stockers.. any one any idea? A/F seems to be where is should be.



HKS Super Dragger, HKS Hypermax II Suspension, HKS Type V Strut Brace, HKS Decat pipes 3", HKS Polished Power Induction, HKS Iridium Sparkers, HKS Twin Power version DLI, HKS Adjustable CAM pulley Wheels, HKS 256 Inlet CAM, HKS 264 Exhaust CAM, HKS EVC 5, HKS Fuel Cut Defencer, HKS Super Sequential BOV, Greddy Lightened ancillery pulley set, Greddy FMIC V-Spl, Power enterprises Super Kevlar Timing Belt, Power enterprises 680cc HI Imp SF Injectors, Apexi SAFC-II, ERL Aquamist Water Injection, Greddy guages, Greddy Dual Pillar Pod,
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