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My car is not a supra its a Gen 1 1993 JDM aristo,but they still suffer the same issue as the supra when u put new style tails on an older car.The light on the dash of the car with the rear lights.The differnece between the 91-93 tails is that it has a 3 harness/bulb tail light.when the 94 to 96 has a 2 harness/bulb tail light.i got an extra failure lamp modual from the junky for a 93 GS300,this is a pic of it and its different then the supras

and if i am using this website right

the top resistor is orange,orange,orange,gold = 33 Kohms, +/-5%
the bottom is Brown,brown,orange,gold= 11 Kohms, +/-5%

now how do i figure out what resistor i have to swap them out with?

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dude you posted this twice? please only make one thread on the exact same question and topic...

Here is the link to your other thread...

here is what I said in your other thread...

Hmm I dont know cause I have only dont this on my supra .. its a 94 TT... and I had to change both of them out to higher ones... have you looked at this thread on it? maybe do the same with yours and see how it works.. If you can not google for someone in your same seat then you will have to figure it out on your own.. hate to say that.. but this thread might help alot...
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