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Just received my 18 RH M5's & Michelin Pilot Sports 245-40-18f & 275-35-18 rear. Board has said" lance alignment makes car handle a little squirrelly" Normal stagger is only 20mm difference from front to rear. Anyone with above tire sizes do alignment with what effects? How's handling? Stop rear inside tire wear? Was result of alignment worth it? Pilot Sports AS has a tread wear rating of 400, so undoubtedly is harder compound, maybe less susceptible to standard alignment's usual rear inside tire wear? Any opinions & help greatly appreciated. Think there's a LA guy with white Supra with this tires--- HK? Thanks! Haven't been driving car with 16 wheels,plus Bomex front & Stillen side skirts--just too goofy! Want to get mounted & aligned to enjoy [email protected] sunny days ASAP!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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