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Lanzar amps

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Are lanzar amps any good? They seem to be reasonably priced. Thanks-
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Depends on what your needs are....if you are just throwing a few cheap subs in your trunk and nothing neat at all, then go for it....if you plan on showing it off at all to people, then go ahead and get a higher end amp....but the lanzar will put out maybe 75% of what it is rated a 100watt amp might* put out 75 watts...or so i think........
TITO said:
IMO. Crap.
i wouldn't say crap. the optidrive models are pretty nice quality...the most popular lanzar is the vibe 1200d. these versions IMO are "you get what you pay for". they are nicely priced but i believe it's not truly stable at 1 ohm mono. a lot of peeps have had problems with this amp. if you want a great amp company for cheap...i recommend autotek. i used to own a sx2300 (1 ohm stable and puts out [email protected] ohm...800w @ 2...700w @ 4). for subs...i would only advise to choose between the street machine or stealth series. but even with the greatest stuff...installation is everything.
I know a lot of people that have had good luck with the Lanzar vibe 1200d. Heck, a 3rd party rating said it produced just over 1200 watts of power at 1 ohm. The only thing that you gotta worry about is heat with this amp, it does tend to run a touch hot. If it's not mounted where air can circulate around it, it will overheat and then cause problems.

The only thing that's stopped me from buying this amp is the fact that it's a lanzar. However, maybe one day I'll compromise my morals and buy it to upgrade from my crappy depth charge.

Good luck finding the perfect amp. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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