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Larry from sound performance.....

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Im friends with al stanyek and i was hoping you could help me out on tiurbo choices for my 89 mkiii. it hsa most al the mods with the exception of biggre injectors. i have 550's but i wsa told i could run 720's with a 550 chip for the vpc and run the fcon with the 550 chip. any advice there? also i got a hks manifold, not the stock replacement one biut the one from japan, like the one suprastore sells. now i need a turbo and was hoping for 525 rwhp at 24 psi or so. i had the t61 before on my mkiv and it only out down 487 at 23 pounds with a .58 housing. what would you recommend for my new mkiii. I apprecaite your help and will upgrade to the sp manifold when money opens up alittle..:) thanks
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I put down 567 rwhp in my mkiii with one of our SP60s but I have a ported head and cams. If you do not have those, I'd recommend the SP63 for you. The best computer setup I have found is the Gforce factory computer upgrade and a VPC/AFC combo. Works MUCH better than the F-con did.

Dean....the T61 is now laying 624 RWHP at 29 psi and more importantly 621 [email protected] RPM. Its amazing what a fuel system and FMIC can do:)
what hot side??? and does the injector thing sound good...720 cc with a 550 chip. gforce upgrade sounds great, do you have more info on it. Im defiantely getting my turbo from you guys, thats for sure. please lte me know and any othre suggests would be great. also will your turbo bolt to a hks manifold. here is a link to the one i got...

do you have a turbo in stock with the specs you think would work good?
thanks larry
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