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Trying to keep this as short as possible, myself and Larry worked out a deal for a couple items that he was selling. Everything totaled around $3000.00 after all said and done. Now here's what makes this transaction unique.

I'm currently in Iraq (1 week to go:)), and have shitty internet. All transactions that I do are by my AMEX. For some reason it wasn't giving me an option to use my credit card, only echeck. Larry suggested doing it in $1000 increments. Cool, I try it the first time it works. First $1000 complete, going on to the second transaction..again it won't let me use my card for the second $1000. By this time I'm fustrated and sent Larry a pm letting him know that I'll have to send the next two installments via echeck. No problem by him.

So..I'm putting in my second payment of $1000 (e-check), remind you that I have a shitty internet connection.. I hit the submit button, my screen stays the same..hmmm. By this time I'm fustrated even moreso and thinking that it may have not registered when I clicked on the button. So I click on the submit button again, and then again, and then again, and one for good measure I hit it again. Remind you, my screen is not changing.

Next thing I know, I sign off thinking I'll get off and sign back on. I sign back on and what do I see? (6) $1000.00 e-check transactions to Larryma! OH SHIT! I couldn't cancel them on my end, only the recipient could! Long story short, he canceled the 3 that I needed. The only thing that sucked was that the $3000 would still need to be cleared and go to my Paypal account and then retransfer it back to my bank, and wait another 4 days.

I think my wife received the items yesterday and can't verify the condition until I get home but the honesty that he displayed by not taking my other $3000 says alot. Luckily I wasn't dealing with another Manny, etc.

Larry, thanks again!!
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