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Jaxx said:
Depending on mileage, make sure the car is running healthy before all these parts are slapped on. This will help troubleshooting tremendously later on and ensure a reliable car.
my car runs really well and only has 44k miles so I think it will take to BPU well

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it is really about hooking up the data logger and figuring out the lowest octane that avoids the ECU yanking timing (less horsepower). 96 octane at BPU with 18psi. Life is too short to have something yanking your timing.

IcedSuPrA said:
why should he run AT LEAST 96 octane....i run 18 psi all day on sunoco 94 from the problems here...if u want to go past 18 psi then it would be a good idea to invest in some race fuel...

also with those mods..slightly modded c5's are fairly easy to beat if you drive will be very happy...i have the same mods as you and i can roast the tires froma roll in second gear no problem at 15-16 psi..and at 18 psi 3rd gear can break the tires loose also..

21 - 23 of 23 Posts