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launch an automatic?

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hi everyone,

I was just wondering
how is the best way
to launch an automatic


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Brake torqueing.. i hope i spelled that right :rolleyes:
with your left foot, hold the brake down while in gear of course, and the right foot on the gas, from experience, i like to hold it at about 2200rpm, at that point the brakes are probably barely holding the rear wheels, right before you decide to take off, putt your foot down on the gas all the way, but keep ur left foot on the brake until 2700rpm, or maybe just al ittle higher, then release the brake. It should squawk just a bit, and you should be off tearing away down the road! :D
But of course you should do some experimenting yourself. Then you'll see when you should release. Have fun!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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