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Right now I am in the market for some nice 18in rims, but I want something that will be beautiful as well as functional.

Is it hard to launch a supra on 18in rims, is there a lot of wheel hop?

I know when I got my honda and I went to 17's I got tremendous amounts of wheel hop which forced me to change wheels at the track for good hard consistant launches.

I want to be able to go to the track possibly just alter my tire pressure and be able to rip off the line. I have the phillips 2-step right now on my bpu++ in TTC mode right now and I am doing pretty well, 12.4 on Toyo Proxes RA-1's.

Do you guys recommend I stay with 17 in order to retain a blistering launch or will 18's really not affect that since it's only one inch bigger?


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if you want to drag, get 17s
if you want looks, get 18s...or both


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Spanki said:
I did 2.16 60' with 285/35/18 Toyo T1S, and stiff TEINS. It resulted with 12.5 @ 122 MPH :)
nice times paul, why don't you make your coild-overs really loose? can't you adjust them?


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cybercyde do you have a built auto? that's pretty impressive. I ran a 12.5 with 2.1 60' @ 116 with an unlocked 3800 rpm convertor. I did run a 12.4 on a 2.01 60' but the traps fell hard for some reason:(
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