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These were the compression test results:

Cyl 1: 180
Cyl 2: 180
Cyl 3: 60
Cyl 4:180
Cyl 5: 180
Cyl 6: 155

After the first test I tested all cylinders again and came up with the same results.
I tested cylinders 3 and 6 again after pouring a teaspoon of oil in the cylinder. The results were
Cyl 3: 65
Cyl 6: 175

Well I did a leakdown test on my car to see where the air was escaping from, so far I have only tested the 1st cylinder which came up as 180 psi compression and the 3rd cylinder which came up as 60 psi compression. The car wasn't warm so I am probably getting lower results then if it was. On the 1st cylinder the leakdown was right between the low and moderate area at 40% leakdown, there was a small amount of air coming out of the pcv system and oil dipstick, which is probably because the engine wasn't warm and there was no oil sealing around the rings. The 3rd cylinder was at 100% leakdown and I could feel alot of air coming out of the pcv system and the oil dipstick so it has to be a problem with the rings or piston. I still need to test the rest of the cylinders. Later.

Edit, I just realized I didn't have the leakdown tester zeroed out so I need to test again.
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