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Leaky Targa Top! Dammit!

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My sportroof leaks from all 4 corners when it rains. My new Sparcos are getting soaked! :mad: What gives? The weatherstripping seems good, and the top is sealed well when I tighten it down and lock it. Any suggestions? :confused:
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LOL......sorry man

btw its jimmy :)

i remember reading about this before on the old server....hopefully someone will respond and help you out

i remember them saying it IS a COMMON thing.

Good luck getting it fixed and when DO I get a RIDE....cough drive? ;)

oh btw....thanks for dropping off those valvecovers....Tuff loves them, he thinks your a nice guy too.

see you around man. You going to the next RSD?
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I told you to buy my supra!

j/k Dan, this is Tim @ SP I've taken targa tops apart completely. Had one of mine fly off the car at 90 mph, needed some TLC afterwards. Next time you're by the shop I'll look at it for ya.
I know exactly why the targas leak at the front corners of the roof. The corners of the roof are NOT where it is leaking. The side rails/drain rails on the roof are leaking. The water is leaking through the seal along the inside of the rail. Then the water gets inside of the roof and naturally flows along the inside of the rails to the corners of the roof. Mine never leaked at the rear corners but I believe its probably due to the same issue. Also check to make sure the drains (on the main body of the car) at the four corners are not clogged.

You can replace the rails, I believe this may be expensive since it includes the everything (rail weather stripping etc). Or you can try something I've been planning on doing. You can get some kind of sealant and run a bead along the inside of the rail so no water can leak between it and the roof.
Supra_fan: Hey, Jimmy! Glad Brian likes the covers. I'll give you a ride one of these days!

Sound Performance: Thanks, Tim. I might swing by the shop this week. I want to talk about the trans adapter, too. ;)

greensoup: Exactly what mine is doing, dude. I hit the brakes, water runs forward, and then drenches my left thigh! :mad: I think I will look at the rails and see about using some silicone sealer. Thanks for the advice, man! :)
That was my problem exactly. Definately the side rails. I haven't ever looked to see what they are sealed to the roof with, but what ever it is its not good.

You can remove and reseal the rails to the roof but from what I've seen its a difficult job.

As a temporary solution, if you have a dark colored car. If its raining or looks like rain, run a strip of electrical tape along the gutters on both sides of the roof so no water can flow in them. Solves the leak also.
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