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nautica2o3 said:
BTW, anyone here own the white MKIV that was parked there tonight?
Yeah, that was me :) Car looks alot different since then though... lowered with Gold Volk-GTC's so if you see another white MKIV with gold wheels it's probably me.

I had just bought the car the day before, so i haven't had the chance to run it at the track yet. But lebanon is notorious for the situations you're talking about.

In an '03 evo VIII @ 21 psi my best 60' were 2.0's as well. And i'm talking full redline clutch drops. I mean, I came outta the hole like a bat outta hell. Still 60' were all 2.0's. :dunno:

Oh yeah... and my license plate is just my screen name on here so it's easy to tell if it's me.
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