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FYI 89-92 turbo sups 100 is rev limit in third :)

heal toe shifting(rev matching) IS an old art carried over from non synchroed trannies but it has PLENTY of purpose in modern trannies too!!! For example I downshift most allways when I am slowing down for a stop sign or stoplight or damn near any other thing I have to slow down for... By heal toeing I can down through the gears smooth enough that usualy my passengers dont know I am downshifting if the radio is on and cant hear the revs. It makes for a buttery smooth transition while still being under power at all times.. same goes for the twisties it allows you to drop into a lower gear and come out under power much smoother without upsetting the balance of the car... It sounds like a complicated technique but it really isnt! When I first started trying it was a chore to try to match the revs and brake and clutch and rev all at once and I thought I would never understand it.... Then the less I "thought" about it the more natural it becomes and easy... I can truthfully heal toe down through the gears as fast as I can by not heal toeing and the results are night and day as far as ride comfort and control... also after a while the clutch becomes more of a kind thing for the gears as when your matched up the stick is falling into place as your clutching anyways so it turns into more of a short stab then a fully depressed clutching...

I usually dont downshift untill I am under 2500 rps or so for normal driving(3500to4k if racing or running the twisties hard) and for normal driving there is usually right around a 500-700 rpm diffrence between each gear... for spirited stuffage I honestly dont know as the change is bigger and I "feel it" more then i count revs

Michael Morgan
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