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2. What is the fastest, yet safest way to you fully disengage the clutch, or just dip into the pedal a bit and 'feel' it out and into the next higher gear?

the fastest way to shift would be to depress the clutch quickly and at the same time put the car into the next gear, while never letting go of the gas...then ofcourse dropping the clutch....

the safest quickest way would be to do the short shift mod, and let go of the gas while shifting, press the clutch in...then put it in gear as fast as possible, easing out the clutch while easing in the gas as fast as you can wirthout burning up the clutch...

but the first method i use only when racing someone i want to assure i beat, and i use it from 2-3 mostly since 1st to second breaks the tires loose, i like to keep the traction..
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