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I'm glad I posted this on SM recently, all I have to do is copy and paste.

Just drive like an old grandma if you want to prolong life. Shift slow and make sure that the clutch is to the floor, and don't down-shift all the time unless you really need to. Don't "launch" the car. Lauching the car hard/dumping the clucth at high rpm freom a dead stop is hard on the drivetrain. Tranny will last longer this way.

Whether you're shifting like a grandma or racing/, you still need to make sure that you match crank rpm with driveline rpm. See copy/paste below.

ridah said:
just got smoked by a z28 tonight. from 80mph up. Dunno if it's driving skills espeically when i do the 80mph runs. I just stuff in it 5th and go.

think it has something to do with the exhaust leak somewhere between the turbo and the connection to the DP, freaks out the o2 sensor.
It sounds like possibly a combo, but definitely driving skills.

80mph roll constitues a very high 3rd start or more comfortably,yet still effective 4th gear pull. If you want to win (if you want to have optimal acceleration) you don't race in 5th gear until around 120 mph.

**Since it sounds like you could use some driving tips:
Make sure that when downshifting into a gear such as 3rd at around 80mph that before engaging the gear you bring the revs up close to redline. You need to match the speed of the crank to the rest of the drivetrain (I think I got that right). You need to try to match revs for the gear that you want to be driving in with the rpm that that gear would be at the speed you are at before engaging the shift(if that makes sense).

Point: You always want to race in the lowest gear for the longest time optimal (untile redline or power loss from back-pressure) ... as long as you are getting traction in that low of a gear 8) :wink: .

Example: Cruising at 65mph(highway) in 5th and somebody comes speeding up to you that obviously wants to race or just blow by you and you don't want them to pass you. In order to gain speed asap you would do the following. Since you are travelling 65mph, you guess that about 60-65 is tip top redline of second gear (possibly rev limiter so don't go there) and about 80-85 mph is tip-top redline for 3rd gear(so, for fastest acceleration from 65mph, 3rd gear is optimal becasue it is the lowest gear that still has room to run with/more rpms unil redline/until a need for another gear change) so somewhere at about (4k-5k?) rpm is where you would be at if you were trying to maintain and accelerate from 65mph in 3rd gear ... SO you get the revs up to about (5k?) rpm with the clutch in/down (it is better to rev too high and have the clutch catch a little lower then to rev too low and have a speedy drivetrain meet a slowing crank/clutch/flywheel and potentially cause a lot of problems) then you engage the gear and the clutch may grab a little lower and then the moment the clutch grabs you floor it and shift at will at redline/power loss rpms (sometimes it is optimal to shift before redline if you can feel power loss in higher rpms from too much back-pressure).

So sorry for thread hijack, I just had to help a fellow owner out. I'd hate to hear about people losing because they pulled in the wrong gear because they didn't know how to down-shift properly or didn't even know that they should down-shift.

Great kill. I think I have tried to race 3-5 350Zs ... still no luck. Maybe they know the wrath of the mk3 beast 8) :wink: .

HTH. Best regards.

Hope you understand matching crank rpm to driveline rpm, before you start crashing them together when engaging the clutch. I know people who have driven manual for YEARS and npt known this. <---Very sad:eek: :rolleyes: :mad: :( .

HTH. Best regards.
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