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conundrum07 said:
Only if you are really really good at it. You will still end up grinding them from time to time. In addition, clutchless shifting is slower then a quick shift. Not to mention syncros are cheaper then gears...

I was ridiculously good at this in my dad's civic. The supra is a bit harder but is still possible.

Here's a thought:

approaching a stop sign you can pull it into gear (1st or 2nd depending on speed) at idle. This is good on the clutch, and I don't think it would hurt the tranny or anything (someone please correct me if i'm wrong because i do this all the time.) The acceleration isn't great but its ok if you aren't in a hurry. This takes a bit of practice but it isn't too hard.

Oh and don' do this in front of a cop because they consider it a "rolling stop"....grrr.
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