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Hi Guys,

I been in the car game/scene for over 20 years. I had all sorts of cars like muscle cars in my youth (Camaros, Trans-am and Vettes). When I finish college, I got my 1st lexus a GS400 and now after 20 years I have that same GS400 and another GS430 (same body style). I have been a member of Club Lexus forums for almost 20 years. My screen name here is the same name back on Club Lexus.

I always wanted a MK3 & MK4 (almost bought one years ago) short story, when I came to buy the MK3, the car won't crank and the seller told some story that he just "washed" the engine. lol So, that was a no go. Had a few friends who briefly had MK3's and MK4's, not sure what they were doing, maybe enjoying the car for a short time and flipping them. I'm not like that. When I buy a car I love, I tend to keep them longer than my relationships. haha

Anyways, I want to come here to learn more about the MK3's and looking to buy one or learn enough to build my own Supra the way its suppose to be built.
Looking to get to know everyone on here.

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I recognize your screen name from CL, I've dabbled over there myself, though it was years ago, with this same screen name here.
We're much the same with how we hang on to cars - I should have been playing catch and release, but instead I play catch and catch some more and run out of space and never finish my own cars. :)

Welcome to the party! It's an 'interesting' time to be in the market with values going all over the place. It's definitely worth the money to start with a clean & nice car up front, as restoration parts are a PITA to find if the car is in rough shape. Another strong recommendation is to find one that already has the engine/transmission you'll want in it - JZ engine prices are nuts right now, and clean 7M-GTE's are also hard to find, so if you want a JZ car, buy a JZ swapped car and it's worth the significant up-front investment for the right car.
Decent 7M-GTE MK3's are in the $7-10k range these days, and JZ swapped cars vary wildly depending on total build and condition but there's some surprisingly nice ones that pop up in the mid-teens and some total basket cases that sellers are asking $25k for. Just a matter of having the cash ready to move, and some luck and diligence, to find the right car in today's market.

I promise you'll get plenty of time working on the car making it 'right' no matter how nice it is initially, but it's worth every penny to buy the nicest one you can up front. If you're just looking for a race car to build, that's easier.

Hope that helps, see you around SF! 馃嵑

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I should have been playing catch and release, but instead I play catch and catch some more and run out of space and :) .
An addiction / sickness that has no known cure 馃し馃ぃ馃え ! And most if not all of us are guilty !

OP good luck with your project !
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